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Company: Melissa Data

Melissa Data Corporation is a software company that specializes in global contact data quality and mailing preparation solutions. Their data quality solutions include geocoding, point-of-entry address verification, deduplication, and full contact record correction. They help customers from various industries such as healthcare, banking, and insurance to have clean and accurate data for marketing, shipping, lead generation, fraud prevention and other business purposes.

Slide 1-2:
This series of package design was created as part of the branding efforts for Melissa Data. Even though the company offered downloadable trials online for their products, a set of packages for those products was created to help market the merchandize with a more cohesive and attractive presentation. In addition to the metallic silver and the blue, each product was color coded with a vibrant color to set them apart.

Slide 3:
Mailers+4 was a mailing software product from Melissa Data that helped mailing houses or businesses to prepare USPS compliant bulk mails. The goal of this new package design was to update the look and feel of the old box as well as to adhere to the new corporate branding of the company. The main color red is continued to be used in the new design while a strip of blue was added to symbolize U.S. Postal Services.