• Lunera Logo
  • Lunera Logo

Client: Marion Metcalf (owner and fashion designer)

Slide 1: Lunera
The logo Lunera was designed for a women’s pajama line made in U.S.A. that provides cozy and comfortable wears with hi-end quality fabrics such as Egyptian cotton and silk. The humming bird in the logo symbolized the enjoyment of life and the lightness of being. Sleeping with a comfortable pajama is life’s simple pleasure. The pastel blue of the clothes tag resembles light and relaxed feeling of the brand.

Slide 2: Solange
The logo Solange was designed for a women’s apparel line made in U.S.A. with classic, contemporary look. The collection was for woman who desire sophisticated fashion for both workplace or at social event. The “Sol” in Solange, is the Latin name for the Sun. The wing in the letter A symbolizes freedom and truth that the sun also represents.