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Company: Melissa Data

Melissa Data Corporation is a software company that specializes in global contact data quality and mailing preparation solutions. Their data quality solutions include geocoding, point-of-entry address verification, deduplication, and full contact record correction. They help customers from various industries such as healthcare, banking, and insurance to have clean and accurate data for marketing, shipping, lead generation, fraud prevention and other business purposes.

Slide 1:
The purpose of this series of ad campaign was to brand Melissa Data as a top data quality and data integration provider. Instead of traditional product driven advertisement, these ads approached the audience by sharing emotional experiences.

Slide 2:
These creatives were designed to speak to businesses that need direct marketing solutions.

Slide 3:
These ads were designed to help launch a new product called Contact Zone. The ad on the right was part of a marketing campaign that played off the name of the product and the old TV show Twilight Zone.

Slide 4 (right):
The main concept of this ad was presenting data quality products as a set tool to help customers to solve problems. Each product was the missing piece that helped complete the puzzle. This particular example was featured in Oracle magazine. Same creative was used to target other groups with a different headline like “Data Quality Tools for Microsoft”.

Slide 5:
(left) The ad concept here was “Build and construct a better business with data quality tools.” The blue background with grids was used here to suggest the use of blue line paper in architecture. A friendly engineer person was placed on the page to attract attention and identify with the audience which was mostly computer program developers.
(right) With the same ad concept as the ad on the left, the headline, copy, and the main image were changed to accommodate a different target audience. Instead of an engineer, a healthcare patient data administrative was used here to speak to the viewers in healthcare industry.

Slide 6:
(left) The ad concept was “Clean Your Data” and “Data Hygiene” with Melissa Data’s data quality solutions. The final execution was inspired from the hand wash signage that people usually see in a public bathroom which remind employees and visitors to wash their hands. The appearance of a familiar hand wash sign was to catch people’s attention when flipping through the pages as well as to make that instant connection between personal hygiene and clean data.
(right) As part of a marketing campaign, this ad focused on promoting an international data quality solution from Melissa Data. Addresses from different countries in different languages were in the background as a revolving globe was at the center of the visual.