• IOGEAR Package 1
  • IOGEAR Package 2
  • Biowonder Package

Company: IOGEAR

IOGEAR is a manufacturer of consumer electronics that specializes in connectivity devices and IT solutions. Their products include KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) switches, networking switches, wireless routers, hubs, digital audio/video devices, mobile accessories and other peripherals.

Slide 1:
As part of the IOGEAR branding, the signature colors of metallic silver and lime green were applied to the package design. The brightness of the green and metallic silver reinforced the branding of the company – new thinking, new style. White was also the main color that adds simplicity and cleanness to the design. The product image against the white background placed on the front right side of the package provided the customers a clear view of the product.

The package on the right was custom designed to accommodate their mini USB mouse. Instead of the traditional rectangular package, the shape was made to resemble a mini purse carrying a mini mouse to add the petite and fun element of the presentation.

Slide 2:
This series of package was a mockup design for IOGEAR’s Wireless-G product line. The purpose of the redesign was to refresh the look and feel of the previous package (See slide 1), as well as to maintain the identity of the brand. Green and white are still the prominent colors to convey the contemporary and clean brand image. The straight line on the top and bottom of the package was changed to curved line, adding more dynamic and softness to the design. Images of people or lifestyle were incorporated into the design to make it more approachable and emotionally engaging to the customers.

Company: BioWonders

Slide 3:
BioWonders Inc. is a vitamin distributor that sells nutritional supplements that are made from natural plants and organisms without synthetic additives. The company had products like probiotics for intestinal tract health, corbicula fluminea extract for urinary tract health, and Natto Kinase to help reduce cardiovascular disease.